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    Jana Duggar Courtship Rumors: The Complete Hot List!

    Today marks the 28th birthday of twins Jana and John David Duggar.

    Of course, in a rare reversal for the family, it's the male who's being pushed to the margins, and the female who's getting all the attention.

    But don't worry, the reasons for that are completely sexist, in keeping with the Duggars' reputation.

    You see, Jana is still single.

    This is almost unheard of for a family in which girls are taught from a young age that procreation is their sole reason for being.

    So with every birthday, the moaning and hand-wringing from the Duggar faithful becomes more intense, as does the need to believe that Jana is in a secret courtship that will soon bear fruit ... and by "fruit," of course, we mean children.

    Here's a complete list of all the men Jana has been erroneously linked to over the years.

    1. Single Cinderella

    Jana duggar a pic

    2. Pushed Out of the Nest?

    Jana duggar photo

    3. Or Shackled to the Compound?

    Jana duggar photograph

    4. Either Way...

    Jana duggar on counting on

    5. The Pressure Increases

    Jessa duggar pregnant pic

    6. Who Are the Suitors?

    Jana duggar baby
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