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    Iya Ibeji Series -Fighting Temptation

    Have you ever been tempted at the time you were most Vunerable?

    A Few years ago my husband and I had some financial difficulties, it was so bad we had to sell our car and we were evicted from our house. Our situation was no secret so a dear friend came to me that she had a solution to all our financial problems. 

    I couldn't wait to hear it, I needed help.

    When my friend started talking I couldn't believe it, so I was like ''babe please let me get you straight are you introducing me to drug business?'' She nodded... 
    ''drug as in cocaine business?'' 

    She said it wasn't cocaine that it was marijuana and then went on to say how medicinal marijuana is blah blah blah. All the while I was shaking my head.

    IYA BEJI: Babe I'm shocked you would suggest such to me. You know me, you know I'm born again. For you to think that because of this little challenge I will do such a thing is appalling.

    : My dear we are all Christians, nothing God no dey forgive. We aren't forcing the drug on anybody, they buy at their will and also marijuana is used to cure different aliments, Google it and see.

    IYA BEJI: I still feel terrible that you would suggest a thing like this, maybe I haven't been living right for you to think I would be interested in this.

    Anyway to cut short our conversation, when she explained the process to me I told her this was no drug business but a scam. No drug cartel would go about looking for investors when they are not novices in the business.

    My friend lost millions to this drug people, apparently they were scammers. Not only did she lose her own money but she got investors, I don't know if she told the investors what they were investing into but the way they came after her for their money no be here. She had to sell her land to offset some of the debts.

    The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to be tempted when at ones lowest......
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