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    Imagine a Broken Car in the Middle of Nowhere? Payday Loan is that One Call you can Trust for Emergency Cash

    Life is indeed very unpredictable and sometimes very rough, there is nothing amusing about a car breaking down. Sometimes, it helps to laugh a little, which can at least, help reduce your stress level, today Jide’s stress level is at 100 percent.

    Jide, a young struggling marketing professional, is about to make his big break today. He was going present some ideas to the biggest client of the advertising agency he was working for, and he planned to kill this presentation. He had woken up at 4 a.m. to rehearse his slides for his presentation, he had also take time out to shave, so he could look fresh and clean during the meeting with his client. Jide rushed out at 5.30 am, so he won’t get stuck in the usual, Mainland/Island traffic, but obviously, faith had its own plan.

    Jide had driven past, seven up motors way when all of a sudden, his engine blew out on him. He wasn’t too far from a service station, but knew fully well that he had no chance of pushing his car there, and knew that it would be a while before any sign of help would arrive. Jide decided to take matters into his own hand, he carefully removed his jacket and suit and decided to pop open the hood and give the engine a try himself. He figured, how difficult could this possibly be? He didn’t have money for a mechanic right now, as he had a family emergency he just recently spent money on and was waiting until month’s end for his salary.

    He had read a few do-it-yourself books on auto mechanics and all those books for dummies. Well, as it turned out, he was the dummy! Not only did he manage to make a bad situation worse, he also realized that his fuel was leaking out of the car. Jide had no choice but to call for help. He dialled up thetowing company in the area and was told that it would be a few minutes. He also decided to call a cab and it dawned on him, he had only 5,000 Naira in his account. He needed to pay for the towing truck, fixing of his car and he needed to get to that presentation in good time. Jide needed someone to blame and it had to be the witches from his village.

    After about 10 minutes of thinking, he decided to call his friend, Bayo. 

    “Bayo, how far, your guy is stranded o”

    “My car has broken down and I need some quick cash till month end”

    “Wow,” Wale responded. “I’m also broke, but what you can do is apply for a payday loan

    “I need the money right now, I have a presentation I can’t afford to miss and you are talking about a loan” Jide responded

    “Jide, calm down, are you not a salary earner? you just need to dial *901*11# to access the payday loan, and you will receive the money in your account almost immediately.” Bayo replied.

    “Wow, are you sure, I will try it now.”  Jide responded.

    Jide types the USSD code frantically and followed the prompt, and just like a magic trick he received a credit alert in his account and the tow truck pulled up, Jide looked at his watch and he had about an hour to get to the presentation. The day was not going to be a disaster after all. Jide had the misfortune of having his car break down on him but was able to turn a bad situation around. Thanks to the payday loan.


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