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    If You Are Going Natural, These Are Top 10 Products You Need From The Kamdora Store!

    One of my goals for this year is to “glow up” in every aspect but more focus on the natural products. I also have been “natural” for years without having a proper hair care kit. Luckily, I can shop on the Kamdora Store for my natural hair needs and other “glow up” necessities.

    First off, every natural hair chic has to have everything from essential oils, conditioners to Alice bands. I mean one should have everything ready.

    As a natural hair chic or someone transitioning, here 0 products you should have!

    1: Cantu shea butter oil sheen deep conditioning spray: This Moisturizes dry, brittle hair with deep penetrating oils and infuses lustrous shine in every strand. Made with pure shea butter and essential oils to replace vital moisture revealing stronger, healthier hair with a natural shine.


    The beez wax  have been using pure beeswax to moisturize and style their hair for a long time.

    The Cantu hair oil moisturizer for locking in moisture in the hair.

    Everyone wants a black castor oil conditioner for detangling and restoring moisture without weighing it down.

    Simply Organic black castor oil: Like every other black castor, the castor oil is for locking in moisture, hair growth etc.

    The Black Castor oil shampoo is best for moisturizing the hair, hydrates  and restores moisture.


    The Beryl body oil: It’s just perfect for the skin. leaves the skin shiny and of course, glowing. The oil; avocado oil, carrot oil and almond oil is also good for the hair to lock in moisture.


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