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    HTC issues statement on U12+ shipment problems

    The HTC U12+ pre-orders may have started shipping, but things aren't rosy for everyone who pre-ordered the phone. While those who placed their orders directly through HTC are reporting shipments have begun, those who went the Amazon route were recently being told the phone is on back order, and shipments won't begin until August.

    Now, HTC has come up with an official statement on the matter, saying there's nothing to worry about, as the mess was caused by a system error. Here's the exact statement from the company:

    We're aware a small number of U12+ orders were affected by a system error that made it seem like the orders were canceled. This is not the case, and we're in the process of contacting these customers to ensure they know their order will be on its way very soon. We are working directly with these customers to ensure they quickly receive and love their HTC U12+

    So there you go. If you've been feeling disappointing or betrayed over delayed shipments, HTC wants you to know there's no reason to be, as your unit should be arriving at your doorstep soon.

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