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    How to check building collapse, by architects

    THE Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has called on  states to adopt its Projects’Registration Number (APRN) initiative, which was introduced to, among others, reduce the menace of building collapse.

    Its President of the Council, Dipo Ajayi, WHO spoke to reporters, was reacting to collapsed building in Lagos and other parts of the country.

    According to Ajayi,  the APRN System, which entails  numbering architectural projects, would further tighten the loose ends in monitoring building projects.

    “We want to collaborate with state governments to ensure that APRN becomes operational in all the states in country.  And we have been creating awareness on this,” he said.

    He added that, according to the process, architectural projects/drawings are prepared only by registered architects, submitted to ARCON and assigned the ARCON Project Registration Number (APRN) before submission for planning/implementation approvals.

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