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    Hours After Chime And DJ Olu Died, They Were Still Bleeding And Foaming From The Mouth- Sister

    While investigations are still ongoing to uncover the death of DJ Olu and his friend Chime Amaechi, the latter’s family revealed to NET how they received the news of his death, leading them to believe that he was most likely poisoned.

    According to his sister Sopulu who spoke with us, the information the family got was that the two friends were still bleeding from the noses several hours after their death.

    ‘I want to believe this is a clear case of assassination, because nobody is talking about what they both ate before she died’.

    She further revealed ‘Immediately it happened, DJ Olu’s best friend’s mum rushed down to Ikoyi, and when she saw Chime, she knew something was wrong. They were both sweating and foaming from the mouth, while blood was gushing out of their nose. My sister said she she saw him eating on Snapchat, but the picture was taken down before the usual 24hour-span that it was supposed to expire. At that point, I knew something was wrong. Nobody is even talking about the fact that Dj Olu and Chime may have been poisoned at the restaurant they ate, nobody is asking the right questions, I am sure this had to do with money and not Davido.’

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