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    Here's why people masturbate

    Here's why people masturbate

    Those who masturbate regularly have stronger immune systems.

    A well-masturbated body makes for a very happy brain. Get your brain on board with masturbation and your body will thank you.

    Remember that arousal starts in your head and works its way down. If your mind is good and turned on, it won’t be long until the rest of your body follows suit. Below are some of the reasons people masturbate.

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    1. To relieve sexual tension

    A lot of people masturbate to relieve sexual tension. Which, at least defeats the positive impact on one's sex life that sexual tension can offer. Sexual tension, if allowed to build, can actually create even better sex.

    2. For sexual pleasure

    People also masturbate to decrease stress and relax. Between the endorphins that are released during masturbation, the lowered blood pressure it can produce, and release of stress-related tension, turning to masturbation as a healthy — and natural — way to take a load of, so speak, is a great option.

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    3. To sleep better

    Masturbation helps you sleep better. We have the releasing of those endorphins that will knock you right out, helping you sleep like a baby.

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