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    Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: Summer Wedding Plans Revealed?

    Back in April, Gwen Stefani admitted that she thinks about marrying Blake Shelton all of the time. Blake even hinted that the feeling was mutual.

    Now, it's reported that Gwen is dropping hints to her loved ones about a specific time and a place.

    Are Gwen and Blake planning a summer wedding? And why are they keeping it a surprise?

    HollywoodLife reports that Gwen and Blake are planning a summer wedding, and that they've been teasing this to their friends nad loved ones.

    "Gwen family and friends are buzzing right now," their source says. "Because she’s been dropping hints that she and Blake have a big announcement coming."

    But she's not just blurting it out like in the Kim Kardashian dropping hints meme.

    But it sounds like she's still very eager to share the good news.

    The insider continues, adding: "She’s been teasing that they have a big secret they’re getting ready to share."

    That could be all sorts of things, including confirmation of pregnancy rumors.

    But Gwen's loves ones are apparently convinced that she means one thing in particular.

    "And everyone’s convinced they’re going to have a surprise wedding this summer."

    So what in particular makes people think that she's building up hype for a summer wedding?

    The insider reveals: "Gwen’s told her family and friends to block off some dates for a big party at Blake’s place in Oklahoma this summer."


    Is that what we think that it is?

    "She hasn’t said it’s a wedding," the source quickly clarifies.

    That is an important distinction.

    Saying I'm having a party is a far cry from sending out a Save The Date. Or, you know, a wedding invitation.

    The source does add: "But a lot of her friends are convinced that’s what’s happening."

    Perhaps they're mistaken ... or perhaps her friends' intuition is right on the money.

    After all, if you want it to be a surprise wedding, you'd announce it differently.

    Isn't telling people to clear their calendars for a "party" effectively the same thing as sending out Save The Dates?

    "[Her family] adores Blake and Gwen together," the source says.

    So they would apparnetly give this their seal of approval.

    "It’s harsh," the insider admits. "But the truth is that even her family likes him a million times more than they ever liked Gavin [Rossdale]."

    Hating Gwen's ex for being a no-good cheater, we understand. But it's kind of wild that they apparently secretly hated the father of her children.

    The source explains what sets Blake apart, saying: "They can see how committed Blake is to Gwen."

    "He’s tried and true and exactly what she needs," the source says.

    Blake is so devoted to her, the insider explains, "so they’re hoping he’ll officially become family this summer."

    Since we've heard that Blake really might marry Gwen, perhaps they'll get their wish soon.

    Fans are perplexed that they would keep these plans a secret, but hey, everybody's entitled to live their lives without announcing their plans.

    We want to emphasize that, Gwen's family's wishes aside, this party could be a huge Fourth of July party. Or perhaps an engagement party.

    So ... we'll take this news with a grain of salt. But we'll also keep our ear to the ground for whatever Gwen and Blake get up to this summer.

    Something is bound to happen, right?

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