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    Google Maps AR navigation is now rolling out

    Google has Maps and Street View, but the company is finally rolling out a real-life mixture of both. Navigation with Augmented Reality is reportedly being pushed to Local Guides, a group of people that are community reviewers inside the Maps platform. Google says the feature needs “more testing” before launching it to more users.

    The app works quite simple - when you start it, Google wants you to look around to recognize the buildings around you and from then on you just follow the arrows. There is also a neat prompt to put the phone down when you’re walking; otherwise, you might bump into someone or something - or worse - walk on the street without looking around.

    Although the AR feature is for smartphones, it will be way more practical in the (not so) distant future where we use Glass-like wearables. That way restaurants and other points of interest would pop up. Until then it would be a neat feature to get you through a city you don’t know that well.

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