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    Frank Lampard fears Aaron Ramsey will leave Arsenal

    Frank Lampard on Arsenal

    Writing in his weekly column for the London Evening Standard, Frank Lampard has turned his focus on Arsenal and Aaron Ramsey.

    This time last week, the world was ending at the Emirates Stadium.

    Yet, less than seven days later, after five goals scored and none conceded, two successive wins against AC Milan and Watford have changed the mood.

    Can Arsenal go on and win the Europa League?

    Aaron Ramsey’s Arsenal exit

    Lampard has aired his fears that Aaron Ramsey may soon look to leave Arsenal.

    The Welsh international is heading into the final year of his contract, and rumours have been abound for a while about a possible transfer.

    Indeed, if Ramsey is thinking about leaving Arsenal, will the Gunners be forced to offload him this summer to recoup a significant fee?

    Lampard has made the case for why Ramsey is considering alternatives:

    I’m an admirer of Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal must try to secure his long-term future at the club.

    One wonders if he’s ever felt he’s the main man at Arsenal and that’s maybe why he might consider looking elsewhere.

    On the other hand, I accept there maybe doubts over whether he performs consistently enough.

    27-year-old Ramsey has six goals and six assists in 17 Premier League games this season. He’s scored eight goals and chipped in seven assists in 23 games for club and country in all competitions.

    Conspiracy theory: Aaron Ramsey is ‘Wenger Out’

    Some of the bigger Arsenal influencers in recent week have been repeating the same rumour.

    According to the conspiracy theorists, Aaron Ramsey has spoken out about Wenger behind closed doors at Arsenal.

    The claims are that the Welsh midfielder has made it clear he thinks it’s time for a change.

    Wenger, of course, is under contract until the end of next season.

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