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    ‘Forza Horizon 4’ revealed for Xbox One

    "Forza Horizon 4," the latest installment in the "Forza Horizon"open-world racing game series, was revealed at the Microsoft press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3. This latest edition takes place in Britain, and it will feature dynamic weather and seasons. So you'll be able to tour the countryside in a lush, green spring or a frigid, white winter. This will change the racing conditions, and in the case of the winter, ponds and lakes freeze over to be driven on.

    Naturally, " Forza Horizon 4" is going to feature a wide array of vehicles, many of which were shown in the above trailer. It's impossible to miss the McLaren Senna, which tears across the landscape, dodging tractors and disturbing farm animals. We also caught a glimpse of a London cab, which should be useful for some good-natured silliness. There are a couple of other interesting vehicles that we don't know if they'll be available to drive. The trailer shows a hovercraft, and a group of motorcycles. Odds are, these are special challenges like those in " Forza Horizon 3," in which you race against a strange vehicle. In that game, they included planes and trains. But it sure would be cool if at least the motorcycles were playable.

    We should know more about " Forza Horizon 4" in the coming months. Its release date is October 2, 2018. It will launch on Xbox One and PCs running Windows 10.

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