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    Ford Shelby GT500 with manual transmission spied, and there's video

    • Image Credit: Spied Bilde

    Really, the interior doesn't look all that much different than the current Shelby GT350. It has the same red ignition button and red and silver shift knob. The center of the steering wheel is taped over, but the outline cobra logo can be seen underneath. Though this car appears to have analog gauges, we're hoping the digital instrument cluster will carry over from the standard Mustang.

    The exterior doesn't show us any more than we saw last week. The biggest visual difference between the GT350 and the GT500 is the front. The bumper has larger intakes to help feed in cool air. The hood has a significant bulge in the center (we're hoping it's hiding a supercharger) along with some heat-extracting air vents.

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