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    Five TV Shows You Should Get On NOW!

    Couch potatoes, get in here! TV shows are the best things after flat screen TV for real – they’re always there for us when all else fails.

    Because I enjoyed watching these shows so much – also cos I’m nice and sweet – here are FIVE TV shows you should totally be watching!

    1. This Is Us

    Where to start!? An emotional roller-coaster, this one. The show was premiered last year and is twenty episodes in. Season 2 is just two episodes in and we hope we’d get 18 episodes like last year. This is Us is brilliant, captivating, relatable, inspiring and above all, human.

    The story revolves around a white couple and their struggle to raise their twins, and adopted black son, into functional adulthood.

    Get your hankies out for this one because it’s going to be a teary ride. *sniff *sniff

    • Ozark

    This is an American drama series about a financial planner who relocates his family to the Ozarks to… wait for it… launder money for five years. Dramatic, right? I know, I know. There some violence, pump action, deception, brilliant maneuvers and more in this game of life and death. If you liked Prison Break, you’d like this one.

    Ozark is on Netflix to go watch it now!

    • Handmaid’s Tale

    This movie is set in Gilead, a fictional totalitarian society where women are treated as property of the state as a means of repopulating the earth. It’s not too far-fetched from conservative backwards societies we have in reality, anyway. *insert dramatic sigh* The story is intriguing and also thought-provoking.

    • Atlanta

    If you like black American comedy, you’d love Atlanta. It’s an easy-going humorous take on the life of a struggling young father who’s venturing out as a business manager for his rapper cousin, Paper Boy. The lead role is played by Donald Glover.

    Though it’s only one season in, it’s definitely worth adding to your To-Watch list.

    • Veep

    If political satires are your thing, GO SEE VEEP NOW! That’s all I’d say. This hilarious comical take on American politics is definitely worth your buck. Veep is six seasons in so it’s obviously a binge watchers fantasy.


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