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    Farrah Abraham: Slammed AGAIN For Bad Parenting After New Pics Surface!

    Farrah Abraham is many things: a reality star, a mother, a porn star, a recipient of cosmetic surgery, and even a self-described feminist.

    But there's one thing that she is not: well-liked.

    Sure, she has her fans, but between how desperately she seems to court negative attention to her inexcusable racist outbursts that have been caught on camera, Farrah Abraham has given haters a lot of ammunition over the years.

    Some criticisms are unfair -- there's nothing wrong with doing porn, for example. Though Farrah may have done it for the wrong reasons, porn is a perfectly fine 

    And that's the biggest point of contention for Farrah's critics -- Farrah's parenting. She has a 8-year-old daughter Sophia, whom she is homeschooling, which is intensely controversial.

    Farrah gets dragged for the photos she snaps of Sophia and for the parties that she throws for her. Sometimes critics go too far, but sometimes they're right on the money.

    This time, Sophia's Twitter account -- controlled by Farrah or another adult, of course, because Sophia is 8 -- has shared photos of their trip to the island of Capri off of the coast of Italy. It's one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

    But, though a handful of tweets were encouraging, a majority of Twitter users who responded slammed Farrah Abraham for bad parenting.





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