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    EXCLUSIVE! Are Newly Engaged Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Written In The Stars? Astrologer Terry Nazon Weighs In On Their Love & Possible Interference From Mac Miller!

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    Will this quick courtship last?

    Our fave astrologer Terry Nazon is here to EXCLUSIVELY analyze the whirlwind romance of newly engaged Ariana Grande and Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson.

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    Terry reveals water signs Ariana (Cancer) and Pete (Scorpio) may have found their "raison d'être" — reason or purpose for existence — together! We knew their connection was deep, but DAMN!

    The astrologer explains why Ariana has such a strong connection with the comedian, but also uncovers that she might not have healed 100% from ex Mac Miller:

    "Scorpio natives often find in Cancer natives someone who needs them. Cancer ladies can after all be the ultimate in femininity, maternal warmth, and coziness. Scorpio men, on the other hand, just love to play protector to the easily hurt and emotionally needy or fragile Cancer. Ariana does need a to be in a relationship and have someone on her arm always. With her Moon and Jupiter in relationship-oriented Libra, being without a relationship and flying solo, is not optional. The stars suggest she might not have given herself enough time to get over her last relationship with Mac Miller.

    It seems the planet Saturn, ruler of all manner of hurts, guilt, delays, and lessons, gives her pause and silent pain from time to time through November. There can be guilty feelings each and every time her ex derails, and that will be a source of pain or guilt for her. But you know some women like the bad boys and if the sex is good, then that's enough. Ariana's eighth house, Mars in Virgo, makes her a sexual dynamo with a marked penchant for a bad boy or two. Her sixth house, Sun, says she can fix things and she can fix people too, she believes that. The power and desire to transform, improve, and fix people, even the men in her life, is a great talent and gift she has. She can do it. She can help, heal, and fix the men in her life until she can't anymore."

    The serial dating is too true! Since hitting the scene, Ariana has been constantly linked to someone special!

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    Terry goes on, sharing how Pete comes with "deep hurt" that Ariana can help heal:

    "That brings us to Pete, a Scorpio Sun sign who comes with his own very deep hurts that only a sweet nurturing Cancer like Ariana can heal. His Scorpio Sun isn't always sunny, smiling or happy. Sometimes it's moody, cloudy, down, and dark. The Sun and planet Pluto, God of the underworld, clash with his natal Saturn in Aquarius. When young, this can bring a heavy burden, and deep sadness. This energy grows and evolves and when directed correctly into a job, career, goal or ambition is literally unstoppable. This aspect is known for its dry wit and funny sarcasm. Scorpio Pete has a special gift of his own. Scorpios can recognize their mate, partner, and significant other on the spot. They have this kind of amazing instinct that allows them to find their soul mate effortlessly and on the spot. He might have felt that towards Ariana instantly. This could be why they got engaged so quickly. They both just knew it was right."

    Seems plausible! We guess when you know, YOU KNOW!

    Miz Nazon wraps it up by saying that Ari is ready to embrace change, but needs to be careful of interferences:

    "With Pluto, Pete's ruling planet on her Capricorn Ascendant, she's poised to make a major change in her life. She was looking for someone who was more serious about life than her exes were. With the much beloved planet Jupiter in Scorpio, Pete's Sun sign this year, he is poised to make a major change in his life, too. In the fall, work schedules keep these two young lovers apart and can cause arguments, jealousy, and perhaps interference from Ariana's ex Mac. It doesn't take an astrologer to tell you how jealous Scorpios can be. If they can make it through the stressful holidays and equally stressful work schedules, we might be hearing wedding bells in early 2020. These two young lovers may do something young lovers have done for eons, not let anyone taint their love and get married."

    Do YOU think the couple has a lasting connection? SOUND OFF in the comments (below) with your thoughts!

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