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    Ex-Milad’s wife sensitises youths on good citizenship

    Chuks Onuoha, Umuahia

    Youths, it is often said, are the leaders of tomorrow. They represent the future of a people. 

    In Igboland, it is believed that any community without virile youths would eventually go into extinction. And when youths begin to lose focus, communities worry. It is feared that the youths might not have anything to offer by the time they take over from the older ones.  

    Recently at Nnono, Oboro, Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, the wife of a former military administrator, Evangelist Vivian Paul Omeruo, inaugurated the maiden edition of Ikwuano Youth Sensitisation Conference, at the Ikwuano LGA hall.

    Speaking before the commencement of the programme, Evangelist Omeruo explained that it was an awareness conference for youths in the council.

    She said: “It is intended to sensitise our youths on issues that involve them. In this local government, youths are not fulfilled; they are restless as a result of their joblessness. Those of them who have completed their National Youth Service programme are often seen roaming about in the village because they don’t have jobs. Those who desire to set up small-scale businesses don’t have the capital to do so and don’t have people to help them either. And they have no collateral to give to banks and obtain loans. These conditions have forced many of them into drugs; they drink and smoke.

    “But I have just decided to offer my back as a mother to lift them up and carry them. I speak to them, help and counsel them and ask them to be good citizens. That is one of the best ways to help them.

    “We should not help only members of our immediate families. So, we will introduce mentorship and entrepreneurship skills to them, things that can help them. They need people to look up to and say: ‘I want to be like this daddy, mummy or uncle.’ I just pray that God will touch the spirit of our people to help. I believe that we should be concerned about our society because, if the society is bad, it will reflect on all of us.”

    On the conference itself, she expressed the hope that it would open the eyes of youths and educate them. She appealed to them not to allow the opportunity to pass them by, urging them to stop their nonchalant attitude towards the event.

    “Youths should be people of courage, ready to do what it takes to grow as responsible individuals who can fend for yourselves,” Omeruo said. She explained that the benefits of the programme would unfold with time.

    The chairperson of the local government council, Ezinne Ngozi Orji, who was represented by her deputy, Mr. Tony Ibe, and the majority leader of the council, Lady Kate Ukata, declared the event open, even as they expressed gratitude to Mrs. Omeruo for initiating the programme.

    Orji said that the event was organised for the benefit of the youth, declaring that they had their destiny in their hands.

    Earlier, the chairman on the occasion, King Otu Uwa of Amaba Kingdom, said he was unaware that such a programme would hold in the community until the convener intimated him about it.

    “It used to be a programme one heard about somewhere overseas and other faraway lands. But, today, it has come to Igboland,” he said, urging the youths not to lose the opportunity the programme offered.

    In his keynote address, Prof. Onuba, who was the guest lecturer, assured the audience that Ikwuano youths had come of age.

    “The intention of the conference is to awaken the youths of Ikwuano to the things they have not been able to actualise. The needs of the youths are enormous, but they should not lose hope because the door may open in any way. The youths are related to all of us in one way or the other; so we should commit ourselves to helping them improve on their lives and fulfil their dreams as future leaders,” he said.

    In their exhortation lectures, Nneoma, Priscilla and Sali, who attended the event from Lagos, told their audience that leading a bad life does not help. They advised their listeners to believe in themselves and their ability to survive rather than making themselves slaves to others. They explained that the major capital anyone needed to start their own business was not money but a sound mind, which would enable them to see their goals clearly before embarking on anything.

    The youth president of Nnono community, Mr. Saint Maduabuchi Eluwa, expressed happiness over the programme and thanked God that the opportunity came during his regime as youth president.

    Said he: “I’m happy that the youths of Ikwuano embraced it wholly. That is the reason we are all here today, leaving our engagements.”

    There was a drama presentation by a group, Voice of the Youth. It was based on challenges, struggles and hopelessness of youths and how they could overcome them.

    The post appeared first on The Sun News.

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