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    Ethiopia:Nation to Promote Sustainable Cotton - Ministry

    ADDIS ABABA - Ministry of Industry (MoI) said that it is putting various activities in to practice in order to meet the 2025 International Buyers Binding Law/ Agreement of responsible cotton production under the compulsory sustainable cotton producing principle.

    Zerihun Abebe, Director of Textile and Garment Industry Sector Study, Follow up and Support within the Ministry stated that as per to the law, the cotton cultivated within the country should be produced considering the environmental and social aspects that might cause on societies.

    Mentioning that the workshop was organized in Hawassa Town recently under the theme 'Promoting Sustainable Cotton in Ethiopia' discussed the issues of branding Ethiopia's cotton, the Director said introducing and branding Ethiopia's cotton to the rest of the world would enable the country to compete in the world markets.

    "In a situation that anchor global and local textile companies engaged in the country and in the world textile industry, fulfilling the needs of Ethiopia's cotton product buyers is very fundamental to compete in the market." Zerihun said.

    The core things that are prioritized and currently being practiced in the nation are putting the 15 years strategic plan in to practice. In line with this, expanding agricultural practices which are consistent with the practice of sustainability and involving stakeholders in various workshops are the other issues given due attention by the Ministry, the Director remarked.

    The finding of the research conducted after the formulation of the cotton strategic plan suggested that the nation should get in to the practice of the law settled by the international buyers.

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