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    Ethiopia:Millions to Rally Today in Recognition of PM Abiy's Achievements

    More than 3 million people are expected to participate in the rally that will take place at Mesqel Square today in recognition and support to the achievements and extraordinary actions of Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed, according to Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO).

    Premier Abiy is also expected to attend the rally and address the gatherings, GCAO Head Ahmed Shide told the media yesterday.

    Ahmed said that in the last three months government has achieved commendable results in its attempt to address peoples quet for peace, democracy, justice, good governance and economic development.

    He stated that internally government invests more to strengthen national unity and to create national consensus and good achievements are registered with in short period. He added that several achievements are also scored in diplomacy with neighboring and Middle East Countries.

    The Head said that for the sustainable economic development of the country, government takes economic adjustments and decide to privatize government owned projects fully and partially.

    Chairperson of the Rally organizers Gudetta Gellelcha told the media, that the rally aims only to acknowledge the changes observed in the leadership of the ruling party and the extraordinary actions taken by Prime Minister Abiy since his ascent to power.

    All the necessary preparations are finalized to make sure the rally can take place peacefully and the organizers urged participants to make all the necessary care for this end.

    The owners of the rally are the people of Ethiopia, the organizers noted.

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