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    Ethiopia:Laudatory Construction Boom in Addis Ababa

    Construction in Addis Ababa.

    The construction industry has a paramount role in boosting the economy of a given country as it helps develop and expand an assortment of infrastructural projects in every part of Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, said Mr. Wang Qianchao Chief Engineer & Director of Engineering Management Department of China National Aero-technology International Engineering Corporation (Ethiopia Branch) approached by The Ethiopian Herald.

    "At the time when I was in China, I did not have the faintest idea about Ethiopia except the fact that the country had conquered foreign invaders over and over again and wiped them out of Ethiopia . I was also familiarized with the fact that Ethiopia is the only uncolonized country. I grew up listening to the black forefathers victory. If truth be told, I did not have an inkling of Ethiopia's infrastructure as I did not have the opportunity to pay a visit to the country.

    But when I came to Ethiopia for the first time, the different buildings positioned in some areas attracted my attention. I thought the concrete jungles were only in some areas of the capital. But when I later drove on the different state-of-the -art road networks of the country along with my colleagues, I was amazed by the whole thing I observed," he added.

    "I have lived in Ethiopia for five years. What surprised me most is the construction boom being manifested across the capital. The mesmeric buildings dotting every part of the capital have the capacity of winning the hearts and minds of anyone with no trouble. Above and beyond, the villas are only one of their kinds. At times I remain glued to them as all the designs are amazing ones. I did not really imagine I would come across eye-catching villas in Ethiopia, " he noted.

    He went on saying that "I have been to different states of the country on various purposes. The states too are flooded with attention-grabbing buildings. I really feel remorse for not knowing this beautiful country in advance. Actually, I came to know the inside out of the country,registering a double-digit growth, at the right time."

    He also lauded that "The government of Ethiopia is ceaselessly working hard aiming at taking the country to a new heights of success. This being the case, I was able to learn the fact that the country is on the right track in a short period of time.

    "If the country keeps the construction booms going on at the same path, the country will definitely be the talk of the entire world. To my amazement, I witness a change in the country every so often. More often than not, I observe a number of tourists in the capital now and again apart from overhearing different people forwarding their appreciation on the subject of the country's growth.

    Ethiopia today has a number of contractors and engineers who really know how to build striking buildings. The different higher learning institutions dotted across the country, produce professional in different fields of engineering and as a result most of the professionals have been contributing their share for the development of the country. I think that is why the country is boasting of different buildings. The incumbent is the engine of the country's development. It golden policies for investment too are accountable for the success.

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