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    Ethiopia:BTPPE Expedites Transferring Properties

    The Board of Trustee for Privatized Public Enterprises(BTPPE) announced that it had taken over the administration of movable properties of the 264 privatized public enterprises and ensured social security for over 1,470 workers during the last six months.

    The BTPPE Communication Department Head Gizaw Nigussie recently told The Ethiopian Herald that based on the proclamation number 208/1992 , the BTPPE is entitled to represent government and follow up the process while public enterprises transferred to private entities,reinstated to the former owners or reorganized in the form of private limited association.

    According to him , the BTPPE examines the enterprise documents, accounts and other related legal affairs when claimants come from the third party .

    Moreover, it sells properties which are not transferred to the purchaser such as vehicles ,hotel utensils and disposes the outdated materials,he added.

    " If there is money that should be transferred to the workers ,the BTPPE will take full responsibility to administer the money and deliver to the workers. The BTPPE also peruses the legal process ,if workers are suspected of embezzling public property."

    The BTPPE had collected 14.7 million Birr via selling properties and had paid 3.5 million birr to laid off workers during last six months.

    During the transfer process, workers who reach retirement age will be made to receive pension and others will also get money saved in a pension fund.

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