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    Erika Hart Has Got To Be One Of The Strongest Cancer Survivor In The World Right Now!!

    If you have had a first-hand experience of cancer or have felt the impact of cancer a family member only then will you realise it is worse than life-threatening!

    For women who suffer from breast cancer in one breast, they have to undergo a painful breast surgery by removing one of the breasts. If it spreads to the other breast, then the two breast would have to be removed.

    Talk about the scars that the surgery leaves on those breasts without nipples. It’s a “body mutilation” sort of impact it has on your emotions. You definitely can’t be the same after such horrific experience.

    From real-life celebrities like Angelina Jolie who had undergone a double mastectomy (two breast removal through surgery), Juliana Rancic (former E-News show host) is also a survivor of breast cancer, Karen Igho (former Big Brother Africa housemate and winner in 2013) is a survivor also!. This dreaded disease is worse than life-threatening but post-surgery life can be affected as well either psychologically or physically or not been able to have children.

    Erika Hart is also a breast cancer survivor who has undergone a double mastectomy and has since been living positively since overcoming the disease. She celebrates her body topless (whaaat!). She has done a lot of projects to assist in cancer awareness. Her recent shoot with talented photography (Islandboi Photography) says it all!

    kudos to every woman fighting and surviving cancer!

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