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    Entertainment: Bobriskky And Tunde “Ednut” Are At Loggerheads Again- Some Juice Dropping!!

    Last month has been quite eventful between Bobriskky (Nigerian make barbie) and Tunde “ednut” (Nigerian artist). The beef started off with Tunde posting “stuff” about Bobrisky (Tunde’s newfound hubby after singing). Bobrisky reacted to the video by dropping off some gist that Tunde “has been on his matter” and had asked him out. Apparently, Bobriskky refused just to be defensive!

    Quite a laugh for Tunde! Tunde recently posted on his IG page about Bobriskky losing his apartment since he could not afford to pay his house rent and has removed his Air-conditioners due to insufficient funds.

    Videos Tunde posted about Bobriskky that has got Bobriskky “burnt”

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