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    I used to be on this Table before I got married....

    I once asked a girl out and invited her for a date. I asked her to come alone and she promised she will. But boom she appeared with her best friend probably so I won't take her home and have sex with her. anyway I was okay with that. But I did this.

    1) I welcomed her warmly and she introduced her friend to me and vice versa, but I was more warm to her friend, I admired everything in her, even up to her hairy skin. I praised her makeup, and did everything to flatter her. Which I never did to my date. I think my date was beginning to notice that things were changing.

    2) When we entered my car I asked my date to take the back seat and her friend to take the front so I can get to know her better. I and her friend were discussing and laughing at the front seat on our way to the restaurant while she was sitting at the back seat obviously frustrated.

    3) when we got to the restaurant I chose, I opened the car door for her friend but I didn't for my date.
    She was no longer smiling but I pretended not to notice, her friend was feeling very much at home.

    4) After I have secured a table for three of us, I held the chair for her friend to sit down, but I didn't do it for my date.
    When the waiter came to take our orders, I was more concerned with what her friend wants and didn't care whatever my date wants.
    She was now beginning to regret taking her friend along.

    5) During the meal I had struck up a conversation with my date's friend and I learned more about her life and also shared mine with her, I was always looking deep in her eyes and always admiring every little about her, like her smile, the way she plays shy, her hairstyle and all other things, which I didn't do a single one to my date.
    I didn't notice her drink had finished until her friend's drink was finished.
    My date has already lost her appetite.

    6) When my date tries to chip in in our discussion, I would politely cut her short and focused on her friend Instead.
    Infact I focused on her friend so much that I barely noticed she was even there.

    7) When we were through with the food I payed for it then I ordered wine, I asked her friend her favourite but didn't to my date. She mentioned it but insisted she'll be drinking the one I ordered, so I ordered her favourite wine, I poured the wine for my date's friend but allowed my date to pour it for herself, then I took up a serviette and wouldn't allow any stray drop of wine on her lips. I completely neglected my date.

    Her friend was enjoying herself while my date was utterly disappointed.

    The killer was when her friend offered her contacts information so she can visit me alone sometimes, commenting that I'm too much a nice guy to have around, the type she always wanted but haven't seen for some years. But I politely turned her request down but promised her that when next she comes again with her friend I would take her to my home to know my place better after dropping her friend ( my date) off. She promised to wear something sexier when she'd be coming.

    This was too much for my date to bear, so she stood up and said she wanted to go home and that she wants to go with her friend. Her friend was like " if you want to go you can go, we haven't finished our discussion, I'll join you later." But she insisted that she's going with her friend. So for peace to reign, I urged her friend to go with her. Her friend was visibly disappointed as she was enjoying herself. But however she obliged. got up and exited the restaurant after paying the bills.

    I offered to drop them off, my date declined but her friend insisted she like my car. My date ran to take the front seat of the car but I politely banished her to the back seat and her friend took the front, we resumed the conversation we left off. My date was almost bursting into tears. But I pretended not to notice.

    Her friend was rather reluctant when I dropped them off. She offered to get my contact information again but I politely turned it down. I gave her 3K for recharge card and transport fare. But I didn't give my date a single dime. I bid them goodbye and laughed all the way home.

    What I spent was even lower than what I expected to spend for that day.
    The next time I invited my date to come over let's go out for dinner this time the idiot came alone.
    Abeg one word for me.
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