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    East Africa:Poland Courts East Africa

    A new member of the United Nation's Security Council -- Poland -- has pledged to back East African countries' agenda in the Council.

    Poland Foreign Affairs Minister Prof Jacek Czaputowicz told The EastAfrican that Poland is keen to spur stability in the region, and with the Council to ensure that this is achieved.

    He cited some challenges facing the region, which would require Security Council backing such as the influx of refugees, terrorism and human rights violation.

    "The region is generally stable and it is known for its active participation in peacekeeping missions. Poland and the entire East Africa have enjoyed historical cordial relations and using our non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council we are keen to push for the region's agenda whenever there is a need," he said.

    Prof Czaputowicz was opening his country's embassy in Tanzania after it was closed in 2008 over budget cut during global financial crisis.

    Prof Czaputowicz said Poland had noted a lot of opportunities in East Africa, and would exand its footprints through direct investment, education co-operation and diplomacy.

    "There are some issues which we believe should be settled internally such as problems in human rights violation, good governance and democracy but when the needs be external help is also commendable," he said.

    Prof Czaputowicz termed as unfortunate, a move by some East African countries to try to withdraw from Rome Statutes, which gives the International Criminal Court mandate to fight impunity.

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