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    Dominique Potter: Kailyn Lowry Cheated On Me With Chris Lopez!

    Back in November of 2017, Kailyn Lowry briefly dated Dominique Potter, a longtime friend who eventually became a love interest.

    The relationship was a short one -- Kailyn and Dominique broke up after just a few weeks together -- but Lowry is still feeling the fallout from her time with Potter.

    Not only did the relationship recently play out on new episodes of Teen Mom 2, but Potter has been speaking candidly about her relationship with Kailyn in a series of eye-opening interviews.

    And Dom's latest comments might cause some viewers to look at Kailyn in an entirely new light.

    Check out what she had to say in the gallery below:

    1. Happier Times

    Dom potter

    2. A Mutual Feeling

    Dominique potter and kailyn

    3. A Major Step

    Dominique potter with kailyn lowrys son

    4. Promising Signs

    Kailyn lowry dominique potter photo

    5. A Messy Split

    Kailyn lowry with dominique potter

    6. Dom Is Confused

    Dominique potter image
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