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    Did the finale of Game of Thrones live up to expectation? Nigerians react

    Now that Game of Thrones has ended. did the finale of live up to expectation? Nigerians reactAfter eight seasons, 73 episodes and a much-debated flurry of plot developments, "Game of Thrones" aired its season finale last night and the world has mixed feelings about it. Inevitably, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was forced to choose between love and morality, realizing that the dangerous tendencies of his queen and lover, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), wouldn't be satisfied by her demolition of Kings Landing. The finale saw Brandon Stark becoming the new king and fans of the show are divided.... See all the reactions below...Emotions are running high ahead of the final #GameOfThrones episode.— Twitter Moments (@TwitterMoments) May 19, 2019This was the most heartbreaking scene. Drogon trying to wake his mom.Jon was ready to be roasted to ashes but Drogon went for that iron throne that caused all these.Besides what's the need of killing whom his mom loved.Dragon so smart. #GameofThrones #GameOfThronesFinale— Sammy (@SamKelvin5) May 20, 2019WARNING: #gameofthrones ending image leaked— NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD WEST END (@LivingDeadstage) May 20, 2019Whatever you say on this final season, one thing is certain;Tyrion Lannister did one hell of a performance & we couldn't have asked for a better character than him. Thank you Peter Dinklage #GameOfThrones— Canadian ChukwuEmeka (@GodspowerSpeaks) May 20, 2019He didn’t kill Jon because he didn’t blame Jon, he blamed the iron throne. Drogon knew that the throne killed his mother. That scene was heartbreaking . He finished his mother’s wishes and broke the wheel. #GameOfThrones— God'spower (@GodspowerTalks) May 20, 2019Jon killing Dany after defending her every move during the war— Coach (@EdgarMuturi) May 20, 2019When you do nothing in the group project but you still get an A #GameOfThrones— Jon Snow (@LordSnow) May 20, 2019If #GameOfThrones was any other show Jon snow & Daenerys would have ended up like this— Naav (@NaavYT) May 20, 2019Sam when people started laughing at him for proposing a democratic election process #GameofThrones— Peg-lin (@Peg_lin1) May 20, 2019Tyrion: Who has a better story than Bran?- Literally everyone -#GameOfThrones— Manuel Antonio (@mantonioperez) May 20, 2019Literally No one:Sansa: Bran's dick doesn't work!#GameOfThrones #GameOfThronesFinale— Vaibhav Gwalani (@darth_vaibhav) May 20, 2019Bran watching everyone kill one another and say nothing so he could be king #GameOfThonesFinale #gotS08E06 #gameofthrones— Maita (@piyapiyanka) May 20, 2019A Lannister crippled him.A Lannister crowned him.Lannisters paying their debts for real.#gameofthrones #gameofthronesfinale— dania (@kiamouthai) May 20, 2019Final #GameOfThrones— AHMET TUNA (@Ahmet_TUNA1903) May 20, 2019She was born as an orphan. Her only brother traded her for an army. From being nothing she came a long way to be The Unburnt,Khaleesi,Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Mother of Dragons. The most inspiring character of the show.You will always be my Queen. #GameOfThrones #Daenerys— thecandiography (@thecandiography) May 20, 2019#GameofThrones has ended. #TheBigBangTheory is over.I'm alright, I'm very okay.Just let me be for now.— Olu of Kaduna (@iam_oludavid) May 20, 2019Drogon received best character development in this finale—exercisin judgement when experiencin blindin anger & grief, destroyin the symbol of power and the very source of evil, and choosin to mourn in solitude, now brotherless and motherless #GameofThrones— Aerys Targaryen (@MadKing_GOT) May 20, 2019The post Did the finale of Game of Thrones live up to expectation? Nigerians react appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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