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    David Eason: I Will BEAT My Kids If They're Transgender!

    We have the answer to the question we've been asking ourselves over and over for the past year or so: can David Eason get any worse?

    The answer, of course, is a great big "yep."

    It feels like every single day, David manages to find new and exciting ways to be a terrible person.

    Well, they're not new, because he definitely has a few favorite tricks up his sleeve, and they're not exciting, because a racist, homophobic white guy isn't breaking news or anything.

    It's just unfortunate that a guy like this exists, that's what we're trying to say.

    And now, thanks to this especially horrific new statement from him ... it really is just a shame that he's a real person, you know?

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    David eason eff you

    2. So. Much.

    David eason and jenelle evans in love

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    David eason on insta

    4. Gross

    David eason in confederate flag

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