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    Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 24 Recap: Farewell, Abby Lee Miller?

    It's hard to believe that The Irreplaceables were once part of the ALDC. What a difference a few weeks makes. 

    On Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 24, the two teams went head-to-head at the FIERCE National Dance Competition, and Abby Lee Miller struggled to come to terms with a significant betrayal. 

    When the episode got underway, Ashlee wasted no time in going after Camille to let everyone know that she is nothing more than a snake.

    The big issue stemmed from Camille apparently saying Brynn was lying about her and Camryn making an appearance at the ALDC. 

    The terrible thing about all of this was the message they were sending to the swarm of young fans who were looking at them swear at each other. 

    The ladies retreated to continue to press the girls to do well at the competition. The Irreplaceables' moms wanted this to be the thing that defined them for being away from Abby. 

    They wanted to achieve a win without the influence of her. Things did not get much better when Aisha showed up to find that the girls were still defying her. 

    She thinks the girls are struggling because they do not know much about how the industry works.

    This was not exactly what they wanted to hear, and it caused a lot of drama for them. 

    Kira took issue with the way Aisha was talking about everyone and felt like she was too hard on them.

    In reality, Aisha wanted them to be a success because it would look bad on her if they did not. 

    Aisha then took aim at Kalani for not paying attention to what she was saying.

    She worried that the girls would not be able to separate themselves from the pack if they went to an audition without their mothers. 

    Elsewhere, Abby appeared to speak to the ALDC mothers and went on another screaming session about how she made all of the others a lot of money by letting them be a part of her team. 

    But, why is she blaming them when she's clearly the one who cannot handle having some money without causing some drama for herself?

    Things then went into overdrive when Abby bickered with a producer because she did not want to be in the audience to face the other mothers and disappears. 

    While Abby is hiding in the shadows, everyone learns the ALDC is doing "Where Have all the Children Gone?" and everyone seemed mad about it. 

    Things took another epic turn when the mothers threw sass at one another and went as low as trashing their daughters. The Irreplaceables take second place proving they are not the force they were with the ALDC. 

    When does Abby Lee Miller really leave? Next week, probably. 

    What do you think about all the action? Sound off below!

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