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    Bri Barlup, Little Woman: Dallas Star, Pregnant; Baby Daddy Unknown

    Bri Barlup, one of the lead cast members on Little Women: Dallas, is pregnant with her second child.

    So this is a time of celebration for the Lifetime star.

    But also of consternation.


    Because, according to TMZ insiders, Barlup doesn't know the identity of her impending child's father.


    Bri is approximately five months along and has at least narrowed down the potential baby daddy field to a pair of lovers.

    These same TMZ sources say the two unnamed gentlemen will be taking a paternity test to determine the biological father, which sounds like something you expect to see on Jerry Springer, not Little Women: Dallas.

    (NOTE: We don't actually know if the tests will be recorded and/or included as a storyline later this season or next season.)

    Another pressing issue is whether the little boy or girl will carry Bri’s gene for dwarfism. But this will remain unknown until after he or she enters the world.

    Barlup already the mother to a three-year old son named Malik - he is a little person and his dad is an ex-boyfriend named Wooda Bowen.

    The two do their best to co-parent Malik.

    The diminutive reality star formerly anchored Little Women: Atlanta, prior to making a move to Dallas with best friend Emilyt.

    Know affectionately as Left Cheek, Barlup has developed a impressive following as a model/dancer from her time in Georgia and, according to her Lifetime bio, "is now focused on expanding her family."

    So perhaps this pregnancy was actually not a mistake.

    Perhaps it was planned, although that seems a little hard to believe if Bri doesn't even know who the father is.

    Her first pregnancy was documented throughout the course of Little Women: Atlanta Season 1.

    Does that mean we'll be seeing a lot of her journey to motherhood on future episodes of this Texas-based spinoff? It wouldn't surprise us.

    No word yet on exactly when Barlup is due or what gender her baby will be,.

    She is yet to comment on the pregnancy, either.

    We wish her the very best of luck and hope she has a healthy child.

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