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    #BeMoreDragon – The ‘dinosaur findings’ in Mowe is simply a publicity stunt by acclaimed advertising agency, X3M Ideas

    Days ago, social media was abuzz with the news of the discovery of what was described as dinosaur bones, by construction workers in Mowe, Ogun state. Ordinarily, the news was met with varying reactions; while some people were excited about what seems a monumental finding in this part of the world, others were doubting Thomases, sceptical of its veracity.

    Now, recent updates on the finding prove the sceptics right, perhaps. A tablet was discovered buried deep within the remains and on it were the words “ADAPT OR DIE” on one side, and a website address “” on the other. What does this mean?

    The prevailing theory is that the tablet must have been planted by leading digital advertising agency, X3M Ideas, the organization behind some of the best commercials on the continent, as the web address on the tablet bears the agency’s name. Also, the background design of the pages on the new website, which must be temporary, marches one on the agency’s website.

    Background on
    Background on

    Furthermore, once you log in, the message on the website speaks about evolving as a business or brand, which is what X3M ideas is known for, a creative organization that is constantly evolving to position itself as the best in the advertising industry. But not just that, the agency also helps other brands evolve through their services. This seems both a statement and a publicity stunt from the agency, perhaps in celebration of their sixth anniversary.

    “Today’s pace of change in business conditions is surely spectacular. Brand custodians should expect that it will accelerate from here. But like most things in business, rapid change is a two-edged sword – a threat but also an opportunity for brands who know how to shapeshift. Brands have two options – shapeshift or die,” reads the messages on the site.

    The message is self-explanatory; it is neither the most intelligent nor the strongest people, or in this case, organizations, that survive; but those that are best able to adapt to the constantly changing environment in which they find themselves. Hence the statement, adapt, shapeshift or die. How does a brand shapeshift? Through insight – being aware of its audience, design – moulding itself or message to suit its audience, and then connecting with them.

    However, there’s more. X3M Ideas did not just end with the lecture on brand management, the agency went a step further to include a personality quiz – Find your dragon. In playing, you get asked a number of questions to determine whether or not you are a dragon – a shapeshifter or dinosaur – old, rigid, (soon to be)extinct.

    My result


    In truth, some people might find this stunt to be extreme or unreasonable but it just goes to prove the agency’s philosophy of shapeshifting, to think outside the box and be adventurous. So what are you? A dinosaur or a dragon?

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