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    Beggars’ Strike…

    For every occasion, there is a need for someone. No one is absolutely useless in the design of nature. In the end, we all live for ourselves revolving and surviving for ourselves. You are nobody until there is somebody above and below you. What is the essence of your wealth when there is no one to impress as everyone around you is as rich as you? Class exists so that we can lord it over ourselves for a classless society is a boring existence. Your money cannot do for you everything, you need people lower than you to carry out certain tasks for your comfort. Imagine a world without the downtrodden?

    Humanity was reduced recently when people moulded in the image of ‘God’ took to social media to ridicule beggars and taunt them for voting Buhari. That was the highest display of insensitivity, callousness and mockery. Ridiculing people who never chose to be beggars because your political expectations weren’t met! I have been sore since then.

    Who we are is not our making; we are who we are because of the mercy of the Almighty. That we are riding in exotic cars does not mean we are better and more favoured than those walking on foot. That you live in VGC, Maitama does not mean God prefers you to those living in Mushin, Mpappe and Sabon Gari. Everyone isn’t designed to live in affluence at the same time, life is a revolving time machine, at the right time, it gets to everyone. God does not discriminate.  When the likes of IBB were reigning supreme in Aso Rock, Goodluck Jonathan was perhaps, somewhere in the creeks, teaching kids. Do you see how God reversed his fortunes from a classroom teacher to the president in less than 10 years? This happened because it was his time to occupy Aso Rock.

    Those who look down on others are weak people with no appointments with greatness. Nothing brings greatness than humility, compassion and respect for the plight of others. Those who recorded those videos of shame actually recorded the beginning of their irrelevance in the comity of those designed to be great. It is your right not to give your money to beggars but it is a mockery of nature to bring to public scorn, the beggars you refused to give alms but are  comfortable enough to record their privacy and put on the cyber wave for the world to see. What exactly did you achieve denigrating the status of a beggar who never bargained to be a beggar on the street?

    Election is over, winners have emerged, I think it is time we moved on and begin to bring forth ideas on how to move the nation to the next level. Divisive rants and missiles won’t take us anywhere.  Great nations are made when citizens drop the gauntlet of what pulls them down to dwell on tangibles that uplift them.

    I hope the day you will need the beggar, he won’t be on strike?

    Insensitively musing.

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