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    Beauty Report: Dove Apologises & Takes Down Advert That Is Considered So Racist!


    I don’t understand how backwards the beauty industry seems to be even in this present information age. To start off with this trend is Nivea who has a diverse target audience and the subliminal racism in their advertising messages is something to really ponder over. Now it’s Dove with their “body transformation” ad from black skin to white skin!

    Totally insulting not only to race but to a woman’s confidence in her self, skin and lastly her colour. It shows how ignorant and how bad the beauty companies have forgotten the sole aim of beauty product which is to take care of the skin not to change it.

    In their recent advert (picture below)

    Here, you see a black woman removing her clothes (which represents her skin) until she is totally transformed to white. This very ad gave a new perspective to the users of Dove products and therefore received serious backlash! The ad trended with the hashtag #donewithdove with so many comments and how the Dove ad is racist and doesn’t support body-confidence.

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