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    Beauty: How To Use The Bismid 24K Gold Facial Whitening Soap For Preventing Acne!

    If you have battled with uneven pigmentation or dark spots on your face, the Bismid 24K Gold Facial Whitening soap is one product you should try. It might sound a bit cliché with all the beauty products you must have tested but you need that ONE product that works perfectly for your skin.

    When purchasing beauty products, it’s best to look out for the active ingredient in each product to know what function it would play on your skin. With the Bismid 24k Gold Facial Whitening soap which has natural ingredients such as almond oil, rose essential oil, olive oil which are essential for skin care. As light as the olive oil is, it penetrates deeply into the skin and provides a cleansing effect. The almond oil works well for face acne and pimples, a little massage for a minute or two penetrates the skin and the substances present in almond oils, get rid of “sebum” which clogs the pores.

    How To Use:

    1. Before you apply, it’s best to rinse your face with clean water. If you have makeup on your face, remove all the makeup products then rinse off with clean water.
    2. For best results, use product in the morning and night and monitor the result.
    3. Apply product on the uneven pigmented skin area, acne or spot.
    4. Rub gently or massage your skin carefully with the tip of your fingers.
    5. Allow product to penetrate into the skin before you wash off.
    6. Wash off with clean water.

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