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    Beauty: 3 Recommended Facial Washes That Are Great For Oily Skin!

    No matter how perfect your skin is, you need a skin routine. Even if water works for your skin, you need to keep at it to maintain a clean, clear skin. Having an oily skin can be quite a bottleneck to care for with tons of routines and products to apply to get the perfect skin you have always wanted.

    Oily skin can clog the pores which lead to acne. It’s important to get the acne off by using natural and effective products.

    For an effective, clean and clog-free skin, here are 5 facial washes that are great for oily skin!

    The Kuza Apricot scrub has these functions:

    • Helps remove the dull surface cells to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion
    • A deep cleansing and all natural body and facial scrub that gently exfoliates skin while sweeping away dead skin cells.
    • It can used on all skin types, gentle enough to use daily.
    • Tube of oil-free daily facial scrub and cleanser to clean dirt and oil deep down into pores
    • Oil-free cleanser is dermatologist-tested and is gentle enough for everyday use to leave skin feeling soft and smooth, after just one use
    • Get your face good and wet then squeeze out a small amount of exfoliating cleanser onto your palms.
    • Now the important part: Gently massage your whole face.
    • The operative word: Gently.
    • If you get some in your eyes, no need to panic, just rinse your peepers with water.
    • Rinse off your face too and pat it dry with a towel.
    • Use 2-3 times per week.
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