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    Asoebi Style #130: For The Love Of Bespoke Asoebi By Divalukky!

    To our surprise, the traditional Asoebi has eventually fizzled out! Everyone wants something “bespoke”. The bride, guests have become even more tasteful in their choices. Everyone wants to be among the “elite”, they want their outfits to have that egoistic personality! Say bye to mediocre Asoebi styles.

    The womenswear brand, Divalukky knows how to interpret the unusual traditional/Asoebi style to something lush and sophisticated for the bride and her guests. The brand is known for their aesthetically pleasing yet sophisticated pieces. Their statement mono strap bow piece is quite becoming a signature affiliated with the brand.

    The Divalukky brand spearheaded by Anita Ebeledike represents the bold, sophisticated and elite woman.

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    An enchanting feature of each piece is the detailed sleeve and design. We have seen top brands like Deola Sagoe, Fablane by Derin, Style Temple among others represent the elite bride or sophisticated and bold woman which we admire. The Divalukky woman is a diva indeed having a simple, clean but sophisticated appeal which is one of the reasons it’s ranking among the fast-rising bespoke womenswear brand.

    Image Credit: @divalukky

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