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Life in bungalow: advantages of this type of housing

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    Life in bungalow: advantages of this type of housing

    Jiji Bungalow


    Modern bungalow is a wide house with flat roof, or a small cottage with several floors, with a lounge room, a living room, a garden, a residential duplex and a solarium-terrace at the top.

    Not everyone understands what it means to live in a bungalow – let’s try to figure out why.

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    Bungalows are 1/2/3-storey buildings or an architectural complex, where each house has its own entrance and terrace. Here you will always find the space for a garden, patio and parking. Also, you can make a solarium on the roof.

    When building a bungalow you get reduced requirements for the construction of foundations and walls, and reduced costs of installation of multiple windows, a ventilation and a heating system, etc.



    A distinctive feature of bungalow is its rationality. You have everything in the right place in the house, which allows you to wisely use the living area. To save the space, you can add niches to the project.

    Interior finishing is monotonous. The overall finish is diluted with partial laying of bricks or wood, which creates the effect of the tropics. The floor is made of natural materials.

    Furniture is always maximally simple, but functional. The bed is taken low-slung for a harmonious combination with a chamber premise.


    Characteristic features of bungalow interior are minimum detail, practical and functional furniture made of wood. To emphasize the history of this type of housing, you can choose the accessories in colonial style. It can be figures from straw or stalks of bamboo.

    Bungalow is not a 4-wall apartment, it`s a harmony with nature. If you turn to a talented architect for help, you can design your dream house, which will be the one of a kind.

    Bungalow has many advantages, and one of the most tangible ones is the construction savings and inexpensive interior. If you are a rational man, you will quickly build a cozy bungalow of your dream that will fit into any landscape!


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