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    Argentina Wants Russian Authorities To Deport Unruly Fans Film Fighting After Loss To Croatia

    Seven Argentines were detained by police for violent conducts after Thursday (June 21) group D match, where Croatia beat Argentina 3-0, Russia’s World Cup organising committee have said.

    Officials in Argentina on Friday (June 22) said it had asked Russia to detain and deport four out of the seven fans filmed fighting with supporters from Croatia.

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    The Argentine security ministry said in a statement it had identified four Argentine fans in the video and it will now “ask Russian authorities to immediately detain them so they can be deported”.

    A spokesman for the Russia-2018 organising committee also said: “The matter is now with the judicial authorities to judge the matter in line with the governing laws.”

    In the video, which was widely circulated on social media, men in Argentina and Croatia team colours involved in a brawl with each other as passersby try to break up the fight. One Croatian supporter is also seen punched and hit repeatedly while lying on the floor and then kicked in the head.

    FIFA said earlier on Friday it was assisting authorities to identify the people in the video. “We are absolutely shocked by the images in question. FIFA firmly condemns the behaviour of these so-called fans,” a FIFA spokesman said in written comments to Reuters.

    “FIFA is cooperating with the relevant security authorities and will do its utmost to contribute to identifying the individuals involved in these criminal acts in order to ensure that they are punished accordingly.

    The Croatian Football Federation also announced that it was working to get information about the Croatian fan in the video. “The Croatian Football Federation is shocked by the video showing an incident at the Nizhny Novgorod stadium,” a spokesman told Reuters.

    “We always strongly condemn and oppose any sort of fan violence, physical or verbal, and we are obviously very saddened to see a Croatian fan suffering in this video.”


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