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    Are Pant Suits Back In? Four Pant Suit Looks Off Spring/Summer 2018 Collections

    Pant suits aka power suits look like they might be cool again this season. Good thing too cos they have a way of turning women from ordinary to badass boss chick in a snap. Prepare to rock the office looking your absolute best, taking inspiration from these luxury brands Spring Summer collection.

    Its all about women empowerment right? So let’s get suited up and ready to take on the world.

    This Michael Kors pant suit is dramatically different yet chic. I could definitely rock this – serving them hipster but professional. Aye!
    Trust Victoria Beckham to come out with something for the strong independent women all year, all season! Also pastels are in this season so it’s an all round win. Verdict: This look is B O M B
    HERMES: Pastels!! They’re in, they’re chic and when you work them into suits, GLORIOUS. I love how the pants are bootcut around the rim. And paired with those flats looks unexpectedly rad. 
    ESCADA: Screams. Shouts. Lets it all out. Germans always get it right, for real for real.


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