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    Anfisa Nava Flaunts Bikini Body After Weight Gain in "All the Right Places"

    90 Day Fiance alum Anfisa Nava has been a little quieter than usual lately.

    Part of that is because she's no longer on the show after her negotiations fell through.

    (She was asking for a lot more money per season than TLC was willing to fork over)

    But part of it has been that she's been busy.

    On top of being a full time student, Anfisa has been delving into the world of bodybuilding -- and the results are stunning.

    Of course, Anfisa has her haters, and some are accusing her of digitally altering her photos to make her transformation seem more dramatic.

    Let's take a look at her before and after photos and see 

    1. Anfisa has been transforming her body

    Anfisa nava wears green

    2. For contrast ...

    Jorge nava and anfisa nava dance

    3. Here she was even earlier

    Anfisa arkhipchenko 90 day fiance casting pic

    4. Then she started seriously working out

    Anfisa nava has been working out

    5. Look at her now!

    Anfisa nava models her bikini body

    6. She has gained weight

    Anfisa nava gained 10 pounds
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