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    Africa News Roundup: Internet versus African leaders edition

    Here are last weekend’s top headlines on startups, entrepreneurship, innovation and tech from around Africa.

    Tanzanian Bloggers are an endangered species. The Tanzanian government has finalised plans to regulate social media and blogging, through its newly issued ‘Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations’. According to the new law, Tanzanian bloggers will be required to register and pay to publish content online. Read moreon The Citizen.

    Social Media tax in Uganda. This is not a hoax. It appears the Ugandan government is looking to diversify revenue sources by imposing taxes on social media usage in the country. Taxes will be applied on a daily basis and generated revenue will be used to “maintain the security of the country and extend electricity so that people can enjoy more of social media”. Read moreon Reuters.

    Shaming ride-hailing platforms in Egypt. Ride-hailing platforms like Uber and Careem have been under constant scrutiny in Egypt. A recent bill passed by the Egyptian parliament mandates that all cars on such platforms should carry an identifying sticker; defaulters will be fined heavily. Read moreon iAfrikan.

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