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    Three cups of blended okazi leaves


    Four bunches of water leaves

    Assorted meats

    Palm oil


    Fresh prawns

    Smoked fish

    Ground fresh pepper (preferably yellow pepper)

    Seasoning cubes

    Ground crayfish

    Smoked red prawns

    Beef stock



    Prepare all ingredients: boil the meat with stockfish and smoked red prawns; wash and shred the water leaves; soak the okazi leaves in hot water for a few minutes to make tender and then blend to your desired texture. Add just little water while blending.

    1. Add palm oil and two cooking spoons of ground fresh pepper to the pot containing the meats and stock. Allow the palm oil to melt into the stock.
    2. Add the periwinkles, if available. Then add the water leaves and stir gently.
    3. Leave for three minutes to allow the water leaves soften.
    4. While waiting, add fresh crayfish and fresh prawns, if you are using any.
    5. Add the blended okazi leaves and the remainder to the pot and stir.
    6. Now reduce the heat to prevent the water leaves from being over-cooked. Add salt and seasonings and leave for few minutes.
    7. If the combination looks slightly dry, add a little palm oil. Check the taste.
    8. After 6 to 10 minutes, the okazi leaves and the rest of the ingredients should have meshed together.

    9.The leaves should have also absorbed the water and the soup should appear mushy.

    1. Serve hot, to be enjoyed with your choice solid meal.

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