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    Actress Mercy Johnson Interview...

    In an interview with Tribune Online, the actress talks about having more kids and their kind of person her husband is;


    "Yes! [Laughs] Mother of many nations! People should not be crying more than the bereaved. We want to be very plenty. (I am kidding o!) I love kids, but there is a limit. I have always wanted four. I already have two girls and a boy. So, I need a boy.

    My husband is a saint. Everything. My husband is not someone you interact with, with your body. He is someone you commune with, with your soul. You just love his soul. He is everything bottled in one person. 

    I don’t know how to explain him. My husband is the closest thing after God’s existence. I am not saying he is perfect, but l love that man too much [Sings]. Sometimes I can’t explain him"

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