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    Actor Emmanuel Francis shares encounter with a man he claims was a ghost

    The existence of supernatural beings has been a topic of debate from time immemorial. While a lot of religious based arguments believe in its existence, there are still many people who do not support these beliefs.

    Nollywood actor, Emmanuel Francis, recently made a revelation that has left many people lost for words. The Ghanaian born actor revealed that he once lived with a ghost for three months during his childhood.

    According to him, the ghost which visited him in Nigeria, was a person he knew in Ghana. Unknown to him, the man in question was already declared dead in Ghana as at the time he visited an unsuspecting Francis.

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    I lived with a ghost for three months - Actor Emmanuel Francis

    Emmanuel Francis Source: Facebook

    In his words: “A ghost came from Accra and came and live with us for 3 months, and that ghost carried me. It’s not a story, it’s the truth. The day the man(the ghost) knew somebody was coming from the Gold Coast (Ghana), early in the morning, around 3am or 4am he said he was leaving… it was a bit surprising”

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    While this may seem bizarre to many people, it appears Francis is not the only one who has claimed to have an encounter with a ghost.

    A while back, reported the news of a British woman identified as Amethyst Realm, left social media in a buzz after she revealed that she is engaged to a ghost and plans to settle down soon.

    The 30-year-old left jaws hanging after she revealed that she had slept with 20 ghosts since her teenage years. Speaking on how she met her ghost fiance, the seemingly happy woman stated that she found love on a business trip to Australia, where she had a one night stand with him.

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