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    8 Types Of Okada Riders That You Will Come Accross In Nigeria

    Motorcyclist popularly known as okada here in Nigeria is the most used, fastest and cheapest mode of transportation in Nigeria. If you have been using these medium as a means of transportation, you must have encounter these types of okada riders.

    1. The fearless ones

    These ones act as though they have an extra life kept somewhere. They are forever speeding, even on dangerous roads. You have to keep begging them not to kill you when you’re on their Okada.

    2. The 419 ones

    These ones always think they’re sharp. If they notice that you’re a visitor to the area, they charge you triple the fare. They also make sure you arrive at your destination before telling you they don’t have change.

    3. The Ashewos

    These ones always make sure they pass through bumpy areas so your body can rub against them, or they just find inappropriate ways to stealthily touch you.

    4. The clueless ones

    These ones always tell you they know your destination, then proceed to drive you round in a never ending circle.

    5. The talkative ones

    These ones must always gist with you. They don’t care whether you’re in the mood for conversation or not, they must talk.

    6. The Dirty One’s

    They look so unkempt that you will start wondering if they are making penny from the business. You just have to cover your nose and pray that you get to your destination on time.

    7. The bad mouthed ones

    These ones are forever insulting every pedestrian and motorist on the road. Even when they are at fault.

    8. The Transporter

    They can move anything from ridiculous number of people to bag of rice, crate and so on.

    The post appeared first on National Mirror Online.

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