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    8 Questions You Can Ask to Coach Others to Success

    How to Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Coach

    This guide can help you lead a team, co-worker or friend into a more successful way of life.

    In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jack Canfield walks his viewers through eight great questions coaches can use to spur improvement. 

    Whether you lead a team of people or you simply need to walk a co-worker, student or friend through a rough patch in his or her life, having the ability to coach others to success is a tremendously useful skill. You can start by identifying the situation that needs improvement. Are you mindful about what is wrong and needs to be fixed?

    Then, ask about the root or source of that problem. Are you creating the problem or allowing it to happen?

    Click play to learn more of the coaching questions Canfield uses, and how they can help.

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