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    6 Inventive Ways Businesses from Facebook to McDonald's Are Helping You Celebrate Valentine's Day

    These companies love love.

    Whether you’re in love with love, think that Valentine’s Day is a craven cash grab designed to make single people feel miserable or something in between, it does lend itself to some fun, with many businesses getting into the spirit of the holiday.

    So break out the chocolate and check out what companies are doing in the hopes that customers will be their valentine.


    1. Virgin Atlantic

    A Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330 turned its test flight into something a little more whimsical than usual when the pilots decided to take a heart-shaped detour for the holiday. No passengers were inconvenienced, as only crew members were on board.

    2. Facebook

    The social media giant wants to help you make it official. If you update your relationship status, you’ll see a wave of hearts pop up on your Facebook Messenger screen, you’ll get a customized emoji and you can also choose your own dedicated text color and emoji and make your significant other the first person you’ll see on the “Active” tab when you pull up messenger.

    3. McDonald's

    If you and your significant love McDonald’s as much as you love each other than you could win the $12,500 18-carat “Bling Mac,” a gold and diamond ring designed to look like a Big Mac. All you have to do is shout your love from the rooftops and post an ode to the burger in question, and you could take home the bling.

    4. The Bronx Zoo

    At first glance, the zoo’s idea of a Valentine’s Day gift seems a little creepy, but hey, you want your love to last forever and you can pretty much guarantee that roaches are going to outlive us all. The zoo has a $75 gift set for the entomologically inclined that includes a pin, socks and chocolates -- all roach shaped. And for $15 you can name one of the zoo’s roaches after your beloved. Why name a star after them when you be more down to Earth?

    5. Uber

    In Egypt, Uber wants to not just ferry couples to their romantic evenings -- they want to support all the single people out there too. So the company put together a Valentine’s Day Singles Survival Kit complete with Cadbury chocolate, Clorets gum and iflix movies. All users have to do is open the app, click on the UberValentine vehicle and then select "Request Survival Kit."

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