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    50 Cent hosts child support release party, son claps back

    Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

    American rapper and TV producer, 50 Cent, is about to be free from child support woes and he could not be happier.

    It’s no secret that Fif’s relationship with his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, has not always been a smooth one.

    50 and Shaniqua’s relationship should be cordial for a while given the fact that the rapper no longer owes her child support. And the excited rapper took to social media to announce the news.

    He captioned a picture of ‘Friday The 13th’ saying, ‘Child support release party Friday 13, Club Lust 1:00 AM Happy Hour drinks on me. Tom petty is alive !!! Ladies with no kids, Free Admission  Ladies who didn’t collect child support, Free Admission’

    One person who wasn’t feeling 50’s post, however, was his son with Shaniqua, Marquise. In the comment section, Marquise trolled his dad and his new show, saying, ‘Damn only if your new tv show was this funny ‘

    Much like his relationship with his mother, Marquise and 5o Cent have not had the most ideal one. 5o disowned Marquise after he (Marquise) released a diss song about his father.

    Talk about family drama.

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