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    5 Reasons Why Renaissance Hotel Ikeja Is A Total Bucket List-Worthy Hotel!

    I love travelling, but do I really travel? That’s a story for another day. I also totally dig living staying in hotels but do I do that often too? Add that to the list of stories I owe you. This weekend though, I got an out of the world experience at the Renaissance Hotel Ikeja that’s still has me feeling like some princess right off the pages of a fairy-tale book.

    For most people, hotels are an integral part of the travel experience. They can be inspiring, quirky, historical, indulgently luxurious or just plain old cheesy. In fact, there are many times when a hotel stay can become the most memorable part of a holiday.

    For me, staying at the Renaissance wasn’t an integral part of any travel experience and blah blah – after all I didn’t step out of Lagos- rather, it was the whole out of the world experience!

    I stepped into Ren, (pet name guys, allow me) and headed to the foyer ready to lodge in but alas I had left my wallet at home and needed a means of Identification before I could be let in. This episode brings me to my first reason-

    Attention to detail

    Everything at the Renaissance is so detailed and with this detail comes a sense of security. They didn’t let me in until I produced my identification as this was a standard Marriott procedure everywhere in the world, and for a law abiding citizen like myself, that felt good. After this, I got into my room and saw my name programmed into the TV Screen with welcome notes and instructions and  boy was I wowed!

    I was immediately connected to the high speed internet with a password that comprised of my surname and room number.

    A quick look at my room and a more elaborate tour of the grounds after I was refreshed ticked number two reason for me;

    It is a Sophisticated and Tastefully Done Hotel.

    My room was done in a unique blend of minimalist- the white and black hues that create that ever so calm vibe,  and splendor – the intricate details, the lighting, the marble bathroom complete with bathtubs and dark mahogany drawers and closets.



    Further inspection of the grounds, did more than plunge me into such marvelous beauty and design. The high ceilings, glass stairway, elaborate furnishings, the gorgeous lighting that makes you want to take pictures everywhere – it was all surreal.

    After going round and gawking like a kid left to roam wonderland unhinged, I finally decided to go for a late lunch and there I fell in love again.

    The Delicious Food.

    Trust me when I say, that Ren gets food right. The hotel offers a classic buffet style service that encompasses Nigerian and Western food and serves to cater to diverse food palates. The highlight of my stay was the Sunday Brunch at the beautiful Iyeru Okin with its eclectic mix of starters, main courses and sweet deserts, all for just 9,500 Naira I also loved the delicious offers at the Cut Restaurant.


    Night time came and it was time for drinks at the bar and as an upcoming alcoholic that I am, I tremendously enjoyed myself and it gave me another reason to add Ren to anyone’s bucket list.

    The Cocktails With a Their Unique Nomenclature 

    The cocktails –Lagos Royale, Ikeja Mule, Abuja Connection, and more, hit the right mark for me! I like the way they were named to give them total Nigerian roots.

    Lagos Royale

    A cross section of the R Bar


    Of course, a place like this, it’s easy to feel out of place and what not but this didn’t happen at Ren.

    Warm Ambiance

    The staff were so amazing, so warm, so friendly that it literally felt like every single person was placed there to bring me maximum joy. One person who stood out for me was Chef Ladi, and soon, in another post, I will tell you why you need to get hooked on him!

    Chef Ladi Smith

    Did I also tell you that it makes for good pictures? Yes it does, and pictures I took!!!!!


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