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    5 Perfumes Below N10,000 To Shop On The Kamdora Store!

    It’s one thing to get perfumes that have great packaging and it’s another thing to get a long-lasting perf at a good price. The Kamdora store is your one-stop store for luxury perfumes from high target brands such as DKNY, Tom Ford, Zeugna, Tommy Hilifiger and the likes.

    It’s January and it’s expected that we would cut down on the prices of products, items or services. Perfumes as we know it is an essential for body grooming and could cost a lot more for luxury products.

    If you want to purchase luxury perfumes for less than N10,000, these luxury perfumes are available for purchase;

    DKNY spray for N8,500. Shop (here)

    Intuition Perfume by Estee Lauder Shop here

    Zeugna Eau De Toilette for N8,000. Shop here

    Dkny for men which N9,000. Shop here

    DKNY for men for 8,500. Shop product here

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